Providing sports, leisure & social opportunities for children and young people with disabilities living in Durham and the surrounding areas

It’s our 30th birthday!

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Well that explains how we’ve arrived at our 30 year anniversary this year in what seems like the blink of an eye!

Dadlg has come a very long way in the last thirty years, establishing itself as a much loved and much needed fixture in the lives of disabled children and their families. Young children join, participate, blossom and then continue their journey through life as adults, forever members even though they have long-since stopped participating in activities.

Over recent years Dadlg has earned its place as the county’s Universal Short Breaks provider, a status that has enabled it to enlarge its reach and attract more families into the fold. Combined with the growth in social media use, which has seen Dadlg’s offerings publicised to a much wider audience, the number of members using the service is growing exponentially.

While this sounds like the prologue to an amazing business success story, it is worthwhile remembering that this growth and success is owed to a small nucleus of kind, experienced and dedicated people who give up significant amounts of their free time to offer this service. There is also a small army of volunteers and trustees who support the central team in their work. There are no highly paid managers, marketing teams or finance directors here. Dadlg always was and continues to be a charity operated solely for the benefit of disabled children and their families in the region.

And while Dadlg is thriving and growing, branching out into new activities and securing new sources of funding, it is so important to remember that over the thirty years past, this wonderful charity has been shaped and handed down by those that have participated, volunteered and even steered the ship through the political and economic changes that have taken place through the decades.

We expect Dadlg to continue offering exciting and life enhancing leisure opportunities to disabled children and their families for at least another 30 years and hope all members continue to participate and help to shape the future of our charity for those that come after us.

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